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Future of 3D TV

It’s a jungle out there for 3D technology. The most popular films over the last twelve months have been in 3D and now the electronic companies are battling over how 3D is going to be taken into our homes. While 3D TVs have already been available for a while now (with varying degrees of success!), the requirement to wear 3D glasses appears to have put the majority of people off! It seems that wearing 3D glasses is not conducive to the social aspect most people enjoy while watching sport and reality shows, for example. Toshiba appears to be the front runner in delivering 3D TV without glasses with its 55-inch 55ZL2 unveiled at this year’s IFA. The technology is similar to Nintendo’s latest DS model, however, early reports suggest that it fails to deliver anything like the depth or enveloping achieved by 3D with glasses. Sony, on the other hand, has taken the opposite route- behold its futuristic head mounted display. Besides making you look like X-men’s Cyclops, it claims to enable you to experience an immersive home cinematic experience. What’s more reports suggest the experience is as impressive as Sony says! However, rather than address the issue of antisocial glasses it has accentuated it, providing a completely solitary experience. It seems as though no-one has quite grasped how to progress with 3D at home and it remains to be seen who will lead the future of 3D TV. For now at least the jungle remains.

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