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Count down to South by Southwest has started. Jealousy in the office has been rife and, though some have wished me a good trip, most gave me a forced smile “that’s nice for you…”, and one colleague was even quite open with his abuse.

Three festivals in one: SXSW Music, the largest music festival in the US, ‘Film’ focusing on new directing talent and, the one I’ve mainly got my eye on, ‘Interactive’ focusing on new ideas in emerging technology and general online nerdism. Basically a series of talks and seminars where I’ll be trying to sponge up as much as I can.

SXSW are frank in their description of the overwhelmingness of the event and impossibility for one person to take it all in. I should have a Plan A on the schedule and definitely a B and C apparently, so who knows.

Naturally I’ll be actively seeking out chat around connected TV and the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Looks particularly interesting – there is free beer!

Then it’s a toss up between Gamify and socialize: beyond the buzzwords and How to Run a Social Site and Not Get Users Killed.

Follow me now on @benjaminlong as I stumble around, most likely lost but amazed.


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  • The dominant platform is not the PC, it is mobile. Don't think 'Mobile-first', think 'Mobile' @BenedictEvans #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:21:10
  • Successful new companies - @uber @Airbnb - are built around new technology but are not technology firms #FTMedia http://t.co/AM9O0oyEZ8

    28 April, 09:19:31
  • Comms are going digital and mobile. Email and telephone calls "are for grandparents" @BenedictEvans #FTMedia http://t.co/a0Z9i2IvJe

    28 April, 09:16:44
  • WhatsApp is more than 50% bigger than the global SMS messages (with just 40 engineers) @BenedictEvans #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:13:52
  • More than half of all time spent online in the US is spent in mobile apps. @BenedictEvans #FTMedia

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  • Mobile doesn't really mean mobile. Most usage is at home or at work. #FTMedia http://t.co/ZnITEfvO6l

    28 April, 09:11:18
  • By 2020, 80% of the world will have a smartphone. The completely dwarfs what was ever achieved with the PC industry. #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:05:05
  • Is the growth in content production (from people, brands and publishers) sustainable? Or is it a bubble that will burst? #FTMedia

    28 April, 08:53:28
  • YouTube users spend 22 minutes a day on YouTube. They spend 100 minutes a day on ITV or BBC1. #FTMedia

    28 April, 08:50:26
  • 31% of referrals for online video content come from social platforms. Social is the new TV Guide. #FTMedia http://t.co/ceVufbnFse

    28 April, 08:49:09
  • Online video platforms have ballooned. But consumption still mainly long-form scripted content (TV series) #FTMedia http://t.co/ZcZlAY0bbA

    28 April, 08:45:06
  • Google admires journalism but has no intention of creating news (although it sometimes makes the news) @carlodasaro #FTMedia

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  • Innovation by global news outlets has changed how and when consumers interact with news content. More consumers consuming more news #FTMedia

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  • We're at the #FTMedia conference today. Looking forward to hearing from Google on digital news innovation http://t.co/PT4tZLfHZd

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