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There are sizeable numbers of folk here at 60 Great Portland St who need no excuse to don their lycra, so it was of no surprise when places on our three day sponsored cycle for Sport Relief filled up in a matter of hours.

Although we’re aware our efforts weren’t quite in the same league as David Walliams’s 140 mile Thames swim or John Bishop’s London to Paris mission, we still like to think our muscle burn meant something. It certainly raised something. £3,553.44 of something in fact!

Last week’s cycle challenge, covering the 403 miles between London and our offices in Edinburgh, was somewhat unusual given that it was ‘virtual’.

Under the watchful eye of AJ from LA Fitness, 36 of us pedalled furiously on an exercise bike in reception whilst Google maps tracked our progress, and the whole event was streamed live on a specially created site.

Naturally when speed is being recorded and Iron Man and Double Iron Man tri-athletes are amongst the contenders, some healthy competition is unavoidable. So visitors and passerbys watched on amused – and bemused - as Engine agencies and individuals did their best to out pedal each other.

And emerging triumphant was none other than our (non-Iron Man) Client Services Director, Rick Hirst, with an astonishing 26.53 miles in an hour on the clock.

Sadly this monster effort could do nothing to knock Calling Brands off the fastest agency top spot, with an average speed of 22.20 miles per hour.

In the end the contest heated up to such an extent that we exceeded our Edinburgh target by 152 miles, finishing up north of Inverness in Invergordon!

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