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The real story in Facebook’s Q2 earnings is the dominance of mobile


This week has been a week of earnings reports from key tech firms – notably Twitter and Facebook. The former told a difficult story in parts, with slowing Twitter user growth and recent product developments not yet rectifying this. For Facebook, there was also some challenging ...

My first 3 weeks as a WCRS Big Breaker


WCRS’ benevolent leader, and all round wise sage, Matt Edwards once said that working in advertising is the closest thing to being a rock star without, you know, being in a rock band. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to be given my double neck guitar and Dave Grohl-esque throne. However, moving to Lo...

Women’s Aid shortlisted in the BIMAs


We're very pleased to announce that our latest work for Women's Aid has been selected as a finalist for Public Life and Location in the BIMA awards. The interactive out of home billboard showed a women who was badly beaten and bruised. However, when passers-by stopped and noticed...

The Engine Summer Circus


When William Bernbach spoke of creativity being the last remaining unfair advantage, he probably didn't have the scenes of the Engine Summer Circus at the forefront of his mind. But as Engine's brightest and best came together to compete for the crown of the day, creativity was all there was to ...

The rise of emojis, and why brands should start to ❤️ them


Do you use emojis? Are you adding  to your tweets or using  in a message or post on Facebook? According to research from Luminoso in 2014, emojis became more popular than much more establish punctuation. Used to express emotions, to respond in a way that words alone might not be able t...

Can Churchie get any more lovable?


It’s a bold claim coming from us, but Churchill might just be our most loved star on British television. If you agree with us we have some fantastic news; Churchill is back with more humorous idents showing that you can depend on the dog. In the series of idents Churchie meets a car tyre on...

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  • RT @Tiggerbouncer: So @WCRS_LDN are moving floors today. Lots of free books going in the clear out. Who wants this classic? @TheDandy http:…

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  • RT @NatGeo: Watch: This slackliner just walked the longest free solo slackline ever: http://t.co/ia1QIiOlzt

    4 September, 14:13:14
  • WhatsApp's latest figures show 900 million monthly users https://t.co/lCWdwGwmIf

    4 September, 09:06:18
  • RT @RoyalNavy: Even though we work 24/7 we still get that #fridayfeeling http://t.co/ZDvo27e9HA

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  • RT @smwldn: Have you heard about the App that Let's your Friends 'Virtually Walk You Home'? http://t.co/zbfNyTpzQk #SMWLDN http://t.co/xj7p

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  • RT @AnotherFilmComp: Cross those buns! Declan Lowney's @Warburtons ad is shortlisted in the Kinsale Shark awards http://t.co/7GEl6DSqA5 @WC…

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  • RT @JohnGeeMcCarthy: Probably just me who keeps seeing the Glasgow Commonwealth Games logo then? http://t.co/xzILD6Lzji

    3 September, 08:32:25
  • RT @macmillancancer: All this #BakeACeleb talk is making us hungry so here's Alan Sugarloaf, Pavlova Faith and Flanye West http://t.co/CCED

    2 September, 16:27:34
  • Business on the move: Account wins and reviews. WCRS wins McCoy's. http://t.co/r1P1EbJHrQ via @TheDrum

    2 September, 14:43:01
  • RT @TheDrum: The future is now. The new look Drum magazine is available now. #DrumReimagined https://t.co/ZAvTB1QcYX

    2 September, 10:55:31
  • RT @Campaignmag: Not behaving badly? We think others are worse than they are, research says http://t.co/WlSUH8RiUI http://t.co/E97eM5Km6y

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  • RT @EngineLondon: New on the blog: @CassandraReport's Rachel Krautkremer on why 'relaxed retail' is the future of shopping - http://t.co/D2

    2 September, 08:30:05
  • RT @TheDrum: 2 hours & 51 mins – the ‘definitive’ amount of time Brits spend online per day say @IABUK http://t.co/1RphYyMkWf http://t.co/N

    2 September, 08:18:46
  • RT @eskimon: I don't agree with all of this (!), but some great points and valuable reader comments in here: http://t.co/rbrcwEB1o6 @LeShan…

    1 September, 23:25:45
  • RT @HOWbrand: New @Google logo announced: http://t.co/VAMcPGgpt4 via @verge http://t.co/6Q97j7KbMv

    1 September, 16:10:19