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WCRS’ Big Break into Internships


A year ago, Stuart Williams and I inherited the management of work experience at WCRS. Top of our agenda was how to make the system work for everyone. We wanted to attract the best, make them better, and keep them in the agency. It’s a crowded market with some big players. We don’t have a...



WCRS have created two new campaigns for the animal protection charity Born Free. The first highlights the ongoing disappearance of many species of endangered African wildlife and highlights the need to act before it's too late. The second campaign delves deeper into one of the main threats...



The stat above may be true for the typical day, but we have an inkling that some Engine folk may have been doing a fair bit more than that these past few weeks. Yes, the Engine Ground Miles Challenge is in full swing and it’s great to see so many people hitting the streets and c...

WCRS Tweets
  • It's Churchill's birthday, so Churchill have launched Oh Yes Day; a day to say ‘Oh Yes’ to things that make you happy http://t.co/x5B0cWEC7Y

    22 October, 09:29:33
  • It's National Oh Yes Day! Churchill is giving away £1000 to spend on what makes you say Oh Yes http://t.co/cAZfmBPWY3 http://t.co/CJp7BikJXK

    22 October, 09:18:24
  • Supremely weird collages from Eugenia Loli http://t.co/XdP0FxUHa3 http://t.co/uu7P5Rxuup

    21 October, 11:01:25
  • Practical & pretty. Portuguese town hangs up umbrellas to shade the streets & makes you smile http://t.co/rFkkLF9FQ8 http://t.co/ThUAIS0za7

    20 October, 14:47:47
  • The enigmatic Mr Hegarty in the house #WIRED14 http://t.co/Uep2Fr6LvT

    17 October, 16:59:05
  • First view of Zara Hadid's special edition of http://t.co/bocSIu5mkx's Pulse wearable. #WIRED14 http://t.co/AcbqMF5tBQ

    17 October, 15:00:49
  • Words of advice from a 13 year old hacker… "avoid all social media". #wired14

    17 October, 14:46:00
  • Some lovely things to see and do this weekend http://t.co/kvSkhvJjRf

    17 October, 12:09:38
  • Here's a little project for the weekend - Moss graff http://t.co/PvFqZuEDM7 via @boredpanda http://t.co/PMJgfEIAav

    17 October, 11:30:55
  • Just the Duke of York talking innovation, investment and entrepreneurship. Let the pitches begin. #wired14 http://t.co/Dpjbgz9XZE

    17 October, 11:15:19
  • @C4RL05 It was a pleasure to have you!

    17 October, 10:55:04
  • RT @C4RL05: Thanks to @WCRS_LDN for inviting me to their ‘Who Cares Win’ session yesterday.

    17 October, 10:35:10
  • Huge congratulations to big breaker Leila, who is now working with us fulltime. She describes her lucky Big Break via http://t.co/OHpowMukyQ

    17 October, 10:34:15
  • Lightsuit skiing in the Alaskan Wilderness. Pretty awesome stuff. AFTERGLOW http://t.co/DsDmJjrWns via @Vimeo http://t.co/bpjq4FCBtK

    17 October, 10:20:37
  • @IdcircoCreative thank you! Of course we will, keep an eye out spring 2015.

    17 October, 10:08:05