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Snapchat launches first ‘targeted ads’ with age-gating for alcohol brands


Snapchat continues to be one of the fastest growing social platforms, particularly among the often coveted Millennial audience. Earlier this year it introduced Discover – content from publishers and brands – and is experimenting with ad formats. But unlike more established social platfor...

Field Day: the review


We’ve all grown-up and the prospect of spending 3 days camping, sleeping in your own filth (and on the ground!) is becoming less and less attractive. That’s why this year I decided to only go to day festivals. There’s always an after-party somewhere anyway, right? For the 8...

Launching the #missingtype campaign in Engine

Downing Street250

The eagle- eyed amongst you will have noticed missing type in our blog posts, our tweets, and in the names of Britain’s most iconic brands such as Odeon, Green & Black’s, Notonthehighstreet.com and more... The reason is this: in the UK, people rarely think about their blood type. Most...

Stuff t_ get _ut _nd see


Field D_y Wh_ isn’t g_ing t_ Field D_y this weekend? L_nd_n’s music l_vers, p_rty g_ers will _ll _e fl_cking t_ Vict_ri_ P_rk _n S_turd_y _nd Sund_y t_ listen t_ _ cr_cking line-up _f edgy yet incredi_ly t_lented musici_ns, djs _nd __nds including Ride, C_ri__u, P_tti S...

Week _ne _t WCRS


'Wh_t sh_uld I we_r? Will I w_rk _n _ M_c___k? Wh_t’s the c_ffee like? Wh_t’s g_ing t_ _e my first t_sk? Will I _e up t_ the ch_llenge?' This isn’t my first j__ in _n _gency; f_r fr_m it! Yet entering '_d l_nd' w_s _ _it intimid_ting h_ving w_rked in _r_nding f_r five ye_rs. Clichés...

Summer T_rt_n

Tartan Shirts 250

With this r_pidly ch_nging we_ther it's e_sy f_r n_ture t_ get c_nfused - squirrels will _ury their nuts, d_ff_dils will p_p up, sn_wmen will _e _uilt (_K, m_y_e th_t l_st _ne's t__ f_r). H_wever, it's cle_r th_t this c_nfusi_n h_s spre_d int_ _ur _wn _ttire. Perh_ps it's the h_r_inger _f th...

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    26 June, 08:41:17
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