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Action Man in the office


Often in the office, we’ll find people who are wearing a similar outfit. Whether it be check, stripes, patterns or colours we tend to marvel at the coincidentally sartorial wonder that is two people dressed the same. You can imagine our wonder when we realised our very own Matt Carlton was ...

Are your consumers watching the game?


Today’s the day; four years on from a rather turbulent month in New Zealand (you may remember dwarf throwing, sponsored mouth guards, jumping from Ferries and bungie jumping) England start another World Cup adventure against Fiji tonight at Twickenham. As individuals, this is an opportunity...

Invisible and Effortless Technology


Tech works best when it’s invisible and effortless because it gives the illusion of magic and control. It’s an open and well established thought but it is often forgotten, especially among those more accustomed to modern technology traits. Picture it; you’ve got a neat idea for how ...

Reasons to Be Creative 2015 – Day 2


Day two saw myself and Gerry head on into the Brighton based creative hub that is Reasons to be Creative. The morning was kicked off with a keynote from Microsoft's Andrew Spooner and Amy Nicholson cheerfully entitled "Welcome to 2017. This is the current level of human ha...

Reasons to Be Creative 2015 – Day 1


Ah, that time of the year when a mass of coders, designers and all kinds of creative geeks emigrate for 3 days to the lovely city of Brighton to attend Reasons to be Creative - a conference that has something for everyone. This year, out team took turns to head down to th...



This weekend held host to #Tribe15 – an alternative arts festival run by the social enterprise Chrom-Art. Our very own Designer, Jacinto Caetano, is a co-founder of the London based artistic association which aims to help emerging artists develop their practice. #Tribe15 featured ov...

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