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Summer T_rt_n

Tartan Shirts 250

With this r_pidly ch_nging we_ther it's e_sy f_r n_ture t_ get c_nfused - squirrels will _ury their nuts, d_ff_dils will p_p up, sn_wmen will _e _uilt (_K, m_y_e th_t l_st _ne's t__ f_r). H_wever, it's cle_r th_t this c_nfusi_n h_s spre_d int_ _ur _wn _ttire. Perh_ps it's the h_r_inger _f th...



We've just launched a multi-media campaign to support Churchill’s new positioning as the brand for people who are sceptical about insurance. The end line ‘Depend on the Dog’ cements Churchie’s status as a real saviour of disasters and common insurance problems. Across the three differ...

The value of online video – does length matter?


In Facebook’s Q1 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg reported that native videos on Facebook are now receiving more than 4 billion views per day. This number is helped by Facebook auto-playing videos (that you might not be actively watching) and because they count a ‘view’ after 3 seconds ...

Who Cares Wins with Blinkink


Yesterday's Who Cares Wins event featured the talented bunch from Blinkink, a production company where animation and technique-driven live action meet. Blinkink represent some of the world's most creative and innovative directors. Coming to talk to us were Andersen M and Greg Barth...

Launching Santander Cycles


Is it a car? Is it a spaceship? No it’s the new Santander Cycles! This is the first instalment in a wave of activity launching Santander’s partnership with TfL. Despite being tongue-in-cheek, the YouTube video featuring Jenson Button demonstrates Santander’s dedication to making cycling...

Stuff to get out and see


Nepali Film Festival In collaboration with the Embassy of Nepal the film festival will be showing five feature length, and two short, Nepali films in aid of the Earthquake Relief Fund. It's a fantastic chance to see some culture from the other side of the world and ...

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