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Who Cares Wins with Blinkink


Yesterday's Who Cares Wins event featured the talented bunch from Blinkink, a production company where animation and technique-driven live action meet. Blinkink represent some of the world's most creative and innovative directors. Coming to talk to us were Andersen M and Greg Barth...

Launching Santander Cycles


Is it a car? Is it a spaceship? No it’s the new Santander Cycles! This is the first instalment in a wave of activity launching Santander’s partnership with TfL. Despite being tongue-in-cheek, the YouTube video featuring Jenson Button demonstrates Santander’s dedication to making cycling...

Stuff to get out and see


Nepali Film Festival In collaboration with the Embassy of Nepal the film festival will be showing five feature length, and two short, Nepali films in aid of the Earthquake Relief Fund. It's a fantastic chance to see some culture from the other side of the world and ...

Is mobile now the ‘first-screen’?


Data out this week from Ofcom looks at the role of media, devices and platforms in our lives. The overriding trend in this research is the increasing dominance of mobile over the last ten years, not just as a way of communicating but as our access point to a wide variety of entertainment an...

Breaking Work: Sky Minions


Who remembers the internet dial up noise? Or having to wait for family members to get off the phone so you could get on the internet? Well the latest Sky Broadband campaign reminds us of all the fun and games we’ve had over the years to get to the superfast fibre product we have today. F...

King Candy Crush Soda Saga: Laundrette


The Candy Bear from King’s Candy Crush Soda Saga needs releasing! The global TV ad features a candy bear trapped within a soda filled washing machine and is only freed once three detergent bottles are matched, partially replicating the mobile game where users have to switch and match three ...

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  • RT @macmillancancer: All this #BakeACeleb talk is making us hungry so here's Alan Sugarloaf, Pavlova Faith and Flanye West http://t.co/CCED

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  • RT @eskimon: I don't agree with all of this (!), but some great points and valuable reader comments in here: http://t.co/rbrcwEB1o6 @LeShan…

    1 September, 23:25:45
  • RT @HOWbrand: New @Google logo announced: http://t.co/VAMcPGgpt4 via @verge http://t.co/6Q97j7KbMv

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