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08.08.08: Auspicious Beginnings For People's Music Store

Several months ago, I posted about the beta sign up for a little something called the People's Music Store. I went ahead and tacked my name to the list, and was duly invited to join the beta launch. The concept is simple and enticing: you sign up to create your own online music shop at The ...

'Silicon Valley Hippies Destroying Music': U2 Manager Misses The Point Entirely

Following on from the Qtrax debacle, we now have more hilarity from the MIDEM conference. This time it comes from Paul McGuinness, who has managed U2 very successfully for 30 years. His speech titled “The Online Bonanza: Who is making all the money and why aren’t they sharing it?” ...

Qtrax: 25 Million Free Tracks? Or Pie In The Sky?

The Times reported today a news story claiming a new service, Qtrax, would allow users to download 25 million music tracks for free on an advertising sponsored basis, with full backing from all four major music labels. With CD sales in free fall and legal downloads yet to fil...

A Nation Of Criminals: How Burning CDs & DRM Are Changing The Music Business

I've always been under the impression that it was legal in the UK to use my iPod, and legal to copy music from CDs I'd purchased onto it. I own roughly 1000 CDs, and have recently gone through the pain of 'ripping' all of them to my home computer in an effort to reduce the space they all take up...

Radiohead Break Free

On Monday, Radiohead announced the release of their new album 'In Rainbows' . Now free from their contract with EMI records, they've decided to release the album themselves in two separate formats; one being a 'discbox' edition, consisting of the new album on CD, two vinyl records and artwor...

Google Kills Video: Will Its Reputation Go With It?

The ever excellent Guardian Technology supplement has a very interesting piece in it today about the closure of the paid for service on Google Video. It seems that Google is in the process of putting all its efforts into YouTube (much like Yahoo!, which closed its pictures site to concentrat...

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