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Did you get yours?

My wife filled the car with wine this weekend (the boot, not the tank!). Usual weekend activity? Well, not entirely unusual, but in this instance she was taking advantage of Threshers 40% discount on wine and champagne with only hours to spare. Now it has finished I can't help but think this is...

Flash On The Beach

Flash On The Beach kicked off in Brighton yesterday morning with a keynote from Adobe representative Mike Downey. Entitled "Flash and the Adobe Engagement Platform", Mike started out by reflecting on developments around Flash in 2006 including among other things: opening of Adobe lab...

Addressable Advertising: The future is contextual

Ok, so us 'digital' agencies have known it for ever. But it seems the grown-ups at the traditional agencies have started to see that the blunt instruments of TV and Radio spots can get clever with the right tech. Picture this; you're sat in front of the 32" LCD that you can't afford (I writ...

The Osbournes meet DC

Strange, unusual, down right surreal. A couple of weeks ago our door bell went and two impersonators (Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne) arrived in our office with personal invites to a meal at Marcus Wareing's restaurant, Petrus. It was a PR stunt from NTT Communications, basically an ISP looki...

What is digital?

Interesting comment about 'digital' agencies on Richard Huntington’s (Planning Director of United London) blog, AdLiterate. Semantics? I think so. The difference between 'Advertising' agencies and 'Digital' agencies is less the technology or platforms and more the way audienc...

TV keeps losing ground

Does this mean ITV1's shows will get even worse? Call me old fashioned (or possibly forward thinking) but I feel there are too many TV channels anyway. We've all seen the research, but it becomes really stark when even my wife spends evenings that were once dedicated to TV online instead. ...

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