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So one week on and the Watford Creatives have given us the full range; big ideas, small ideas, dumb ideas, smart ideas, sharp ideas and of course the bluntest of ideas. We were once told by a creative director when we were hiking our book around, “ahh you lucky buggers, working on your stu...

WCRS Tweets
  • Video will eventually usurp display advertising online. The power of film. #FTMedia

    28 April, 10:36:46
  • Great content will always be great content. Red Bull is to some extent more a fantastic content producer than a soft drinks firm #FTMedia

    28 April, 10:32:02
  • The dominant platform is not the PC, it is mobile. Don't think 'Mobile-first', think 'Mobile' @BenedictEvans #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:21:10
  • Successful new companies - @uber @Airbnb - are built around new technology but are not technology firms #FTMedia http://t.co/AM9O0oyEZ8

    28 April, 09:19:31
  • Comms are going digital and mobile. Email and telephone calls "are for grandparents" @BenedictEvans #FTMedia http://t.co/a0Z9i2IvJe

    28 April, 09:16:44
  • WhatsApp is more than 50% bigger than the global SMS messages (with just 40 engineers) @BenedictEvans #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:13:52
  • More than half of all time spent online in the US is spent in mobile apps. @BenedictEvans #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:12:01
  • Mobile doesn't really mean mobile. Most usage is at home or at work. #FTMedia http://t.co/ZnITEfvO6l

    28 April, 09:11:18
  • By 2020, 80% of the world will have a smartphone. The completely dwarfs what was ever achieved with the PC industry. #FTMedia

    28 April, 09:05:05
  • Is the growth in content production (from people, brands and publishers) sustainable? Or is it a bubble that will burst? #FTMedia

    28 April, 08:53:28
  • YouTube users spend 22 minutes a day on YouTube. They spend 100 minutes a day on ITV or BBC1. #FTMedia

    28 April, 08:50:26
  • 31% of referrals for online video content come from social platforms. Social is the new TV Guide. #FTMedia http://t.co/ceVufbnFse

    28 April, 08:49:09
  • Online video platforms have ballooned. But consumption still mainly long-form scripted content (TV series) #FTMedia http://t.co/ZcZlAY0bbA

    28 April, 08:45:06
  • Google admires journalism but has no intention of creating news (although it sometimes makes the news) @carlodasaro #FTMedia

    28 April, 08:30:02
  • Innovation by global news outlets has changed how and when consumers interact with news content. More consumers consuming more news #FTMedia

    28 April, 08:27:24