Today we launched an interactive online film for the Royal Air Force as part of their national recruitment campaign.

It is the first time that a recruitment campaign will focus on the RAF as one employer brand, showing how full-time Regulars and spare-time Reservists work together side-by-side. ‘Operation X’ follows the RAF on a mission as they respond to a humanitarian crisis and deliver aid.

The 8-minute interactive mission, filmed by Kit Lynch-Robinson, was shot over six days at RAF Brize Norton and involved over 150 RAF personnel.

The mission begins with breaking news that the RAF has deployed Fast Jets and Sentinels for intelligence gathering over a crisis zone. The story unfolds and we see the diverse range of vital roles that allow the RAF to function as an efficient force.

As well as discovering the variety of RAF roles, users are able to test their own skills and experience 360 degree video. At the end of the mission, users are offered the opportunity to learn more about the roles they’ve shown interest in via the RAF careers website.

The interactive mission, hosted on the RAF careers website, is supported by a range of media including TV, online rich video takeovers and a 30-second YouTube trailer.

Ross Neil, Executive Creative Director, WCRS said: “The aching simplicity of the idea shrouds the intense complexity of building such an integrated campaign. The interactive film has been a labour of love for all involved and it really shows in the work. I’m immensely proud of the finished article and of all those who worked on this. A great combination of film making and technology, and as a result a very exciting end product.”