So we’re into the third week of 2015. Shockingly, it feels quite like 2014 so far. The sky is still blue, the tube is still rammed and there aren’t self-lacing shoes strolling down Oxford Street yet. But what can social media look forward to in this new glorious year? Here’s my top three predictions. I’m probably wrong, but hey, that’s why I like social. It always surprises me!


Social commerce is on the rise. Facebook and Twitter have introduced ‘buy’ buttons on their platforms and brands are sure keen to exploit it. Of course, you may not be buying a Porsche this summer off the back of one Facebook post, but if more of a focus from the platforms is being shifted from soft (as important as they are!) to hard business metrics, it can only be a positive for clients and agencies alike.

2. It’s all about YOU

2015 will be less about mass blanket broadcast and more about the niche, targeted and personalised. We know more and more about you, and we know more and more about what makes you tick. Scared? Perhaps you should be, but platforms and content strategies are evolving with it. Don’t believe me? Take Bristlr as an example. It’s a dating network for those with a love of beards. Fabulous. But that’s not all. Among other things, the app lets you know when your potential bearded lover has message bombed ‘you’re beautiful’ to all of his contacts before you. Clever, useful and entertaining. It’s the future!

3. People care about people

And here’s number three. I predict companies will be giving more power to the people behind the brand – their employees. An increased number of brand ambassadors from within a company will undoubtedly bring its own set of problems, but with the right training and focus, it’s a no-brainer. People like people. They cut through the corporate and go straight for the emotional. First things first though – do your employees really like where they work? It’s time to find out.

That’s your lot. Please expect an ‘I told you so’ blog at the end of the year.