Golden Egg

February is my favourite month for advertising. YES, I said it.

I know we have just had Christmas and what a great time that is for adverts, but across the pond February hosts not only The Super Bowl, but also The Oscars.

Brands everywhere are scrambling for the funniest and most inventive ways to spank their whole media budget in one fell swoop.

“HOLY CRAP, they paid $4M for that”

That’s right, 30 seconds of ad spend at The Super Bowl costs $4M, yep 4 MILLION DOLLARS, FOUR-MILLION-UNITED-STATES-DOLLARS.

The Oscars at a mere $1.8M is much more ‘affordable’.

Not every brand can pay to compete on such a platform and that’s where it can start to get really interesting.

For example, Newcastle Brown Ale chose to completely subvert the whole situation by making their #IfWeMadeIt campaign last year, an inspired move from Droga5 New York.

‘The Oscar Selfie’ cost $3M in charitable donations, which is less than a 60 second spot. With it they got 11 celebs in shot who would command millions a piece. It’s certainly not something I look at with fondness, but I bet you can remember what brand the phone was and I bet you can’t remember any traditional ads from the Oscars.

Oscar selfie

This is the most exciting time of the year for brands really trying to outdo each other, if you haven’t got the money then you better have the brains. Let’s see what this year brings.