Penny Cottee on show at WCRS

We are very proud to introduce Penny Cottee, photographer and general voyeur who is currently exhibiting at WCRS.

“Concentrating on texture and light my work is about examining detail. I love investigating an object to find its beauty, be it a flower or a discarded piece of rubbish.

We have a range of personal and editorial work on show from food sculptures to small sets.

Black ribbon

Black series: a detailed investigation into texture and light, and working only with black objects.

Penny Cottee 6

Moments in cinema: recreated in paper cutouts and very carefully lit to try and capture the moment.

Penny Cottee 5

Colourful flowers series: an intentional colourful break from the usual darker themed images.

Penny Cottee 4

Food sculptures: a wonderful indulgence and extremely satisfying to create.

Penny Cottee 8

Never exhibited before shots: Originally shot for 125 Magazine, the Star Wars series involved a great deal of model making and sourcing of classic toys.

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