Billy Faithfull, Executive Creative Director at WCRS, talks with Creativepool founder, Michael Tomes. Hear Billy’s thoughts on the book, whether creativity can be learned, and problem solving in advertising.

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Billy started his career in a design studio, but it was after attending a D&AD course in advertising that he teamed up with his mate from school Ross Neil and moved into the world of advertising. Billy and Ross worked with Steve Henry at NNCL and in 2011 they were the first hires of Yan Elliott and Luke Williamson at WCRS.

In the interview he talks about:

“They have got literally zero time to look at your work”

When looking at people’s books and websites, the best are those with simple, clean design. “You have to keep in mind that the creative directors, managing directors or art directors have no time to look through your book,” and that’s why the books are often filled with one press ad after another.

“Creatives hate the word brainstorm”

I believe that creativity can be learned but people are allergic to being sat down and told to be creative. “I hate the word brainstorm, but I like to sit down with people and discuss a problem”. In the end of a conversation about a problem you’ll get to some sort of solution.


This article was first published on creativepool.