It’s not the name of Robin Thicke’s next hit single, it’s the launch of Santander Cycles. We’ve been working with Santander for months on the development of an easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding TfL Cycle Hire Scheme. This is the start of a seven year partnership between TfL and Santander, and WCRS will be fundamental in ensuring both parties get the very most out of the relationship.

Exhibition picture

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On show is a series of designs featuring London landmarks as imagined by ‘JC’ (Jacinto Caetano), with the support of Howard de Smet and Aaron Pacey. The landmarks will form the basis of the scheme’s new identity under Santander Cycles, and will be seen in various combinations on all 11,000 bikes for the launch.

Twisted lines is a technique we have developed in-house that has led to an unusual but striking way to represent the architectural structure of London icons.

Twisted lines

“Since I started my career in advertising, this is the very first time – and this is what I love about this little but huge project – we are creating something beautiful for the people. For the users, and the non-users. For tourists, for locals. For little girls, for little boys, whose faces will light up when they guess the name of the building they’re pointing out with their little fingers. For oldies, for youngsters, for hipsters… For us.”

Jacinto Caetano

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Jacinto Caetano

About Jacinto Caetano

Lead Designer at WCRS, co-founder of Chrom-Art, former Saudi Arabia-based ex-steward, street dancer and contemporary humanist.

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