download (2)WOW Festival!
This March London is hosting the 5th Women of the World Festival. The events are focused on the remembrance and appreciation of females who have made a difference economically, politically and socially. Offering a range of activities from comedy shows, concerts, workshops and debates, this event really does have something for everyone, including males! The WOW festival is only available till Sunday, 8th March and boasts excitement with appearances from many well-known names in today’s generation such as feminist Edinburgh comedy award winner Bridget Christie. The event is located at Southbank centre, and cost absolutely nothing! So get down to Southbank before Sunday or miss out.

Noel_edited-1Noel Fielding Exhibition
Unusual, exciting, interesting and bizarre. These are just some of the words commonly associated with  Noel Fielding. He’s had a career in many areas from comedy to art to writing – he has it all, as does his exhibition. Since 2008, fielding has been exhibiting his work and his recent exhibit titled “He wore dreams around unkind faces” is sure to be just as successful as the others. Staged at the Royal Albert Hall, the exhibition contains portraits of globally well-known musicians such as the Beatles and Elvis Presley as well as a few “unorthodox” pieces. The show is open to those attending a performance between March 7th – March 17th, and to the public free of charge March 7th, 14th and 15th between the hours of 10am-1pm.

Future fesy

Excited about what the future holds in terms of technology? On March 14th-15th, London will be hosting Furturefest, a two day festival filled with activities that help the public understand and experiment with the technology of tomorrow. Activities include guest speakers, tasting sessions at the futuristic sweet shop, and even the chance to try a new piece of equipment that allows the user to transmit their sensory experiences via the World Wide Web. Topics covered over the two days include the future of democracy and the effects of robots in futures working society. With guest speakers including the likes of Edward Snowden, this is sure to be an educational and entertaining event for everyone. The event is located at Vinopolis, Stoney Street. Prices range from £40-£80. Booking is advised.

Earth hourWWF Earth Hour
On Saturday 28th March, London will be going dark for WWF’s annual Earth hour. Earth hour is an event set up by the World Wide fund for nature to give every member of the populated world a chance to participate in the saving of our planet. To participate, London will turn off all their external and unneeded lighting for an hour. The aim of the event is to raise awareness to our planets fragile situation but to also prove that each individual can make a difference. Earth hour happens every year starting off in Samoa and finishing in Tahiti. Last year a record breaking 162 countries took part. A huge difference compared to the first ever Earth hour in 2007 involving only Sydney, Australia. London’s earth hour begins at 8:30pm and aims to be the biggest one yet. So hop on and turn off for this year’s annual earth hour and help make the difference.