Internships people care about

Internships are a modern phenomenon. Once upon a time undergraduates were satisfied with a summer job picking fruit or working at a seasonal attraction (Maize maze anyone?) Sadly, or not sadly, those halcyon days are over for today’s bright young things.

Now you can find Club 18-21 clogging up the Tube suited and booted in July and August, running errands for uncaring conglomerates who see interns as an unlimited pool of free labour. There is no glory in volunteering for unpaid work experience that leaves you with nothing but an awkward paragraph of overblown responsibilities on your CV and a feeling of emptiness.

At WCRS, we are keen to prevent these summers of discontent. That is why we have created the Big Break scheme to help aspiring advertisers onto the career ladder AND pay them for the privilege.

Successful candidates will enjoy a 12 week placement at one of London’s top agencies taking in rotations in Account Management, Planning and Project Management. The Big Break is back after a successful launch year that saw 3 hires across Engine.

If you think you’ve got what it takes then download the application form here. Applications close March 22nd.

So don’t spend your summer drowning in meaningless corporate ennui. Come to WCRS and work on live briefs for an agency who will remember your name after August.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Matt & Zuki

WCRS - The Queen