On the walls this week we have an exhibition of the latest work by the Wade Brothers from their recent campaign for Oakley called ‘‘One Obsession’.

The Wade

Here’s a bit about the Wade Brothers:

The Wade Brothers’ vibrant compositions often depict subjects in a kind of suspended animation – suggesting a larger narrative in the space of a single incident. The Wades’ unique ability to produce complete narrative concepts within single images or a small series of images is employed to great effect as a lure to viewers who are asked to draw their own conclusions.

Utilising an idiosyncratic aesthetic that synthesizes elements of humour, fantasy, whimsy, and wide-ranging influences, The Wades always attempt to distill big ideas into tightly honed concepts. Photographers that are constantly accepting all manner of influence into their work, the Wades find inspiration in multiple forms of visual culture.

Development of CONTENT is the beginning of all communication. The Wade Brothers imagine a sense of place and sensation, and create images and videos that tell a cohesive story, whether for film or print.

Their commercial clients include Bacardi, Cadbury’s, Channel 4, Epson, Fly 53, Ford, Gatorade, Keds, Lung Cancer Alliance, Nike, Nikon, Reebok, Sky, Sony Music, Transport for London, USA Today and Virgin Mobile.

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