Shot on iPhone 6


When we landed, the light came through the windows in an amazing way; Mediterranean sun is just a paradise. I couldn’t sleep at all on the night flight that took off from Heathrow just four hours ago.

– “Taxi!”

The roads in Istanbul on my way to the hotel were full of huge ‘panos’ printed on massive billboards all over the city. Back in London 26 hours after, I noticed that it wasn’t just a Turkish campaign, but also the Jack-the-Ripper city was completely covered with iPhone shots within a stylish white frame.

That night I was completely knackered. But in bed, in one of those fully creative states of mind, I started to think about all the shots I had been doing the latest months and, well… I could build on the campaign with my own pictures!

Last Friday, on the exhibition wall there were no pictures hanging, and I thought ‘Why don’t I get my shots up there?’ That’s why I’m presenting my re-visited version of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign. I hope you enjoy it!

Check it out here.


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