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What do you get when you mix three flamboyant entrepreneurs, three formidable business women and one colourful Engine president? One great session at Advertising Week Europe.

Engine’s very own Robin Wight’s session yesterday at Advertising Week Europe, held at Bafta, discussing the power of cultivating a personal brand, with guests including TV personality, Katie Price was always going to be a rousing cocktail, and it didn’t fail to deliver a punch.

Other guests on the panel included Lighthouse company founder, Kathleen Saxton and Now magazine editor, Sally Eyden.

Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a celebrity… get me out of here! and modelling have all been opportunities Katie Price, once known as Jordan, has seized upon successfully. However, not every decision ‘Pricey’ has made has been so successful. Yes we all remember Eurovision.

However, Wight explained mistakes should be celebrated. He said: “Have conviction in your brand and follow your instincts. Don’t overanalyse your mistakes and turn your drawbacks into opportunities”.

Saxton advised that you need to be human to be a successful brand. She commented: “There has to be an element of Velcro as something needs to stick. You can’t be too polished and you need a human element.”

Popularity is something Price is all too familiar with having just won this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. She puts it down to mixing Katie and Jordan, which means she is ‘versatile and something for everyone.’

Wight agreed Price’s popularity is down to her being an ‘authentic brand who never promotes anything she doesn’t believe in’.

Asked what their best advice would be, Robin commented ‘persistence, more than talent.’ Kathleen urged the audience to ‘define your final destination’ whereas Katie suggested to ‘start small, be realistic, and keep money in the pot.’

View the talk at Advertising Week Europe here.