Louise Davidson
To use the phrase of the BBC Senior Producer who contacted me at 5pm yesterday, I was invited to visit New Broadcasting House this morning ‘on the way to work for a bit of fun’. It certainly felt slightly more daunting than that as I furiously started to gather my thoughts last night on the topic of celebrities in advertising, and our much talked about use of Hollywood gold talent Sylvester Stallone in our latest Warburtons ad.

Adam Parsons, from Radio 5 Live’s ‘This is Money’, was a friendly chap who seemed genuinely interested in the topic. He was clearly desperate to know how much we paid Stallone (I think I let out a bit of a laugh as I refused to reveal this for the third time on-air, after already doing so before we started), and was fascinated by how we had managed to get Hollywood gold into bakery whites. For some reason he wanted to hear that it was all about the cold hard cash. But with so much Hollywood success over a long career under his belt, it was the bread puns that seemed to appeal to Stallone’s great sense of humour that got us over the line. Although, it’s fair to say that he did earn his crust. (Sorry).

It was great fun and Adam very politely said he’d have me back on the show – I said I’d see him later in the year to talk about our next blockbuster Warburtons ad.