Yesterday our team attended Now / Next / Why, a one-day event covering the trends and shifts impacting the way brands market themselves. We’ve asked each of our team to tell us about their best insight from the day.

Why Uber is disrupting more than just the transport market
Matt Rhodes, Digital Strategy Director

Uber is disrupting the transport market in cities across the world, threatening existing players such as taxis or mini cabs. We are seeing these players fight back – from Paris to protests here in London. But Uber is disrupting far more than just this product and this market. It is disrupting everything.

Services like Uber or Airbnb are better designed around the consumer; they put the consumer in control – you order a taxi to come and pick you up rather than wait for one to drive by. The product is different but the customer experience has fundamentally changed. And as more services like this appear, presenting the consumer with more control and power, our expectation of what our customer experience should be will change across all categories.

Whether you are a bank, an estate agents or a telco, consumers will increasingly expect your services to be designed around them, they will expect the kind of control they have with the likes of Uber. This transference of experience is the real disruption Uber is bringing across all categories. It is much more than just a new way of hailing a cab in a city centre.

Matt Rhodes

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