Summer T_rt_n

With this r_pidly ch_nging we_ther it’s e_sy f_r n_ture t_ get c_nfused – squirrels will _ury their nuts, d_ff_dils will p_p up, sn_wmen will _e _uilt (_K, m_y_e th_t l_st _ne’s t__ f_r).

H_wever, it’s cle_r th_t this c_nfusi_n h_s spre_d int_ _ur _wn _ttire. Perh_ps it’s the h_r_inger _f the _p_c_lypse _r perh_ps this is _ur guys’ ide_ _f sign_lling the st_rt _f summer? Wh_tever it is we’ll keep y_u upd_ted _n the str_nge trend _f summer t_rt_n.

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