Week _ne _t WCRS

‘Wh_t sh_uld I we_r? Will I w_rk _n _ M_c___k? Wh_t’s the c_ffee like? Wh_t’s g_ing t_ _e my first t_sk? Will I _e up t_ the ch_llenge?’

This isn’t my first j__ in _n _gency; f_r fr_m it! Yet entering ‘_d l_nd’ w_s _ _it intimid_ting h_ving w_rked in _r_nding f_r five ye_rs.

Clichés _f the M_d Men industry m_de the wh_le experience _ _it d_unting. I w_s ple_s_ntly surprised _y h_w d_wn t_ e_rth _nd friendly the pe_ple _re here – especi_lly kn_wing th_t it’s _ne _f the l_rgest _d _gencies in the c_untry.

_ few meetings here _nd there, inducti_ns with HR _nd with my te_m, _ few unc_mf_rt__le intr_ducti_n em_ils _nd ph_t_s, _ver_ll I w_s well l__ked _fter. They didn’t _verwhelm me with w_rk _ut gr_du_lly thr_ugh_ut the first five d_ys m_de my resp_nsi_ilities cle_rer. My red v_ns weren’t criticised _nd n_ _ne l__ked me up _nd d_wn like s_ _ften h_ppens in _r_nding. The _ffice is gre_t _nd _pen pl_n, the c_ffee is n_t t__ __d, _ut th_nk G_d K_ffeine _n Gre_t Titchfield Street is there t_ s_tisfy my c_ffeine _ddicti_n quite nicely.

Here, fr_m wh_t I g_ther, it’s _ll ___ut gre_t, _ig ide_s _nd h_rd w_rk. It’s ___ut c_ring f_r w_rk, f_r _ur clients, _nd _ur te_ms. _ut _s I’ve seen fr_m the l_st _ll c_mp_ny em_ils, they d_ h_ve _ very _ritish sense _f hum_ur.

Let’s see wh_t the next few weeks will _ring f_r me here _t WCRS.

Heloise Touffu-Volcouve

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