Downing Street250The eagle- eyed amongst you will have noticed missing type in our blog posts, our tweets, and in the names of Britain’s most iconic brands such as Odeon, Green & Black’s, and more…

The reason is this: in the UK, people rarely think about their blood type. Most of us don’t even know it. But what would happen if that ‘type’ were to go missing in everyday life? Would we realise how important it is then?

So, over the past few days, a number of media titles, organisations, retailers and celebrities have recently removed the As, Os and Bs from social media and places of interest; have a look at the Downing Street sign.

Why? Because through removing the three letters that make up all blood groups from people’s everyday lives, we want the British public to engage, become aware and recognise the hugely important role that blood donation plays in our society, and to encourage them to get out there and give blood!