Field Day250Field D_y
Wh_ isn’t g_ing t_ Field D_y this weekend? L_nd_n’s music l_vers, p_rty g_ers will _ll _e fl_cking t_ Vict_ri_ P_rk _n S_turd_y _nd Sund_y t_ listen t_ _ cr_cking line-up _f edgy yet incredi_ly t_lented musici_ns, djs _nd __nds including Ride, C_ri__u, P_tti Smith, FK_ Twigs, M_c DeM_rc_, Run The Jewels, S_v_ges, _wen P_llett, Chet F_ker, Diiv, H__kw_rms, M_dli_, Dj_ng_ Dj_ng_ _nd m_re…

_ _l_g p_st is t_ f_ll_w _n M_nd_y fr_m _ne _f us he_ding there _n S_turd_y.

F_r _ll th_se Sc_ndiphiles _nd cinephiles _ut there, N_rdic_n_ is the film festiv_l n_t t_ miss. F_cused m_stly _n thrillers _nd crime dr_m_s fr_m the N_rdic N_ir m_vement, this tw_-d_y cele_r_ti_n will keep y_u _n the edge _f y_ur se_t. N_rdic f__d, design _nd culture st_nds will pepper the event.

Polo250Chestert_ns P_l_ in the P_rk
Hurlimgh_m P_rk, next t_ Fulh_m will _e h_sting the 7th P_l_ in the P_rk. This w_rld-series sp_rts event m_kes P_l_ m_re _ccessi_le t_ the gener_l pu_lic. _ut d_n’t _e mist_ken, _l_zers, p_cket squ_res, h_ts, _nd l_vely summer dresses will _e _ut.