Field Day: the review

We’ve all grown-up and the prospect of spending 3 days camping, sleeping in your own filth (and on the ground!) is becoming less and less attractive. That’s why this year I decided to only go to day festivals. There’s always an after-party somewhere anyway, right?

For the 8th year consecutively, Victoria Park hosted one of the edgiest and most musically diverse festivals in England. I was lucky enough to be there this year and listen to FKA Twigs, Ten Walls, Chet Faker, Ben Klock, Tune Yards and Caribou. The line-up was amazing this year despite a few clashes between some of my favourite artists. The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds, but after such a grey week, it felt like the weather was still on music’s good side.

I spent 10 hours there approximately – four of which was easily spent queuing for the toilet, queuing to buy a round, and traveling through the crowd to find the best spot to dance. That is what every reveller expects going to big clubs or festivals. Despite that slight annoyance, the atmosphere was paradisiacal, loving and filled with euphorically wonderful sounds. This is what I call a ‘staple festival’; I go every year, it never disappoints.

Heloise Touffu-Volcouve

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