The Engine Summer Circus

When William Bernbach spoke of creativity being the last remaining unfair advantage, he probably didn’t have the scenes of the Engine Summer Circus at the forefront of his mind. But as Engine’s brightest and best came together to compete for the crown of the day, creativity was all there was to it. (And booze. There was plenty of that too.)

The brief was simple: give the rest of Engine a flavour of what you do in the most engaging & entertaining way possible, while staying true to the theme of the event – the Circus. And with that, the gloves were off and the building ran riot with everything from the bizarre to the extraordinary in true circus fashion. From Fuel using modified toy crossbows and a giant balloon-laden target to explain their data strategies; to Slice stabbing one of our Big Break interns with a bed of giant spikes as a reward for answering questions about their recent work; to Synergy using magic to make money disappear, reappear, and disappear again into a lemon (I’m not sure what this says about their financial forecasts…) the creative gears of Engine’s agencies were truly in overdrive. Calling Brands, one of Engine’s smallest agencies and a leading brand consultancy, took a particularly ‘unique’ approach to explaining that ‘they may be small but they do big things’ but that one is probably best left to your imaginations.

Fun and laughter aside, the day proved to be a really valuable experience. As the lines between the various disciplines in the market world become increasingly blurred, it’s more important now than ever to have an understanding and appreciation of how other fields of expertise can impact and complement the work we do for our clients. Engine’s model allows us a unique opportunity to understand and influence this, and have a bit of fun while we’re at it. While the Summer Circus was on the surface all about competition, the message that came out of it all was really about collaboration, and the incredible role that creativity has to play in this as well.