WCRS’ benevolent leader, and all round wise sage, Matt Edwards once said that working in advertising is the closest thing to being a rock star without, you know, being in a rock band. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to be given my double neck guitar and Dave Grohl-esque throne. However, moving to London for a summer interning at one of the top 5 agencies in the country certainly feels a world away from the exam revision and dissertation writing that I left only a few short weeks ago.

I’m here on WCRS’ Big Break, a scheme that offers students and recent grads like myself a crash course in the advertising industry. Over the course of 12 weeks, I’ll be rotating around Account Handling, Project Management and Planning, getting a unique insight into each department whilst trying not to set anything on fire.

As I launched into my first role as an apprentice Project Manager, panic descended. How was I supposed to manage a team of people when I’d barely even managed getting on the tube this morning? I needn’t have worried though. Unperturbed by my blatant incompetence, everyone on the team was happy to have me on board and went out of their way to point me in the right direction when I got a little lost (sometimes literally, this building is a maze.) In fact, I soon realised that Project Management is a great place to start as you have a hand in every stage of a campaign, and get a chance to work with almost every department. In my first three weeks alone I’ve been involved with everything from briefing creatives, to preparing ads for print. They even let me write a bit of copy!

Alongside our day to day duties, myself and the other big breakers have been let loose on our own individual brief. Everything’s tip top secret right now whilst we flex our strategic muscles, but keep an ear to the ground as this campaign is bound to be off the wall (unless, you know, it ends up in the bin).

Now, three weeks and several glasses of wine into the job, I feel like one of the gang. I’ve even managed to make it through the turnstiles at reception without setting off the alarm! But am I any less confused? Nah. In an industry that changes basically every hour there’s always something new to learn.

The best bit of my first 3 weeks…

Seeing a Sky Broadband campaign that I worked on plastered across every bus, billboard and baby in London.

Rock star level: The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ bit in Wayne’s World.

And the worst bit…

Stumbling out of the Engine summer party to discover that the tube strike was still ongoing. There’s a bus ride I’ll never want to relive!

Rock star level: Chesney Hawks getting booted off MasterChef.

Phoebe Rees

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Joined on the Big Break placement scheme and now works as an Account Executive on Santander. Lives in East London and is passionate about pugs.

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