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Volunteering265On the 16th June, Team Engine ventured to Bethnal Green for a day of good deeds, DIY and ‘Ground Force’ action. The lovely residents of Rochester Court welcomed us to their home in need of some tender loving care, where we were greeted by scruffy benches, a fading shed and unkempt flower beds. We were briefed and we divvied up the jobs amongst the team – the girls descended on the benches and shed armed with sand paper, and the boys got the spades out and emptied the raised bed of soil.

The landscapers arrived and the boys divided the existing raised bed into two – one for veggies, and one for flowers – and soon, the benches and the shed were ready to be varnished with their first coat before our lunch break.

We sat and ate our yummy packed lunches in the sun and had a lovely chat with some of the residents. They were so excited about our work so far!


Anna and I transformed the old white doors on the cupboard, and the shed was given another coat of varnish. Flowers were added to the pots and beds, and we dotted them around the garden. One was for a lovely old lady that wanted to plant her teeny tiny Christmas tree by her flat window. We then built three more raised beds and I became extremely attached to my drill.

After countless cups of tea and way too many Wham bars (mainly scoffed by Anna and I), we sat down and assessed our work. The garden look transformed and we were so proud. The residents came out to see what we’d done, and they were over the moon! It was a wonderful opportunity to skip work for a day and make these lovely pensioners’ lives that little bit better.


Lotty Stephenson

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