This weekend held host to #Tribe15 – an alternative arts festival run by the social enterprise Chrom-Art. Our very own Designer, Jacinto Caetano, is a co-founder of the London based artistic association which aims to help emerging artists develop their practice.

#Tribe15 featured over one-hundred artists, live music and a range of theatrical performances within a three floor Victorian warehouse. Artists were split up into tribes who were each responsible for a section of the exhibition. The tribes, made up of artists across many different mediums, collaborated to explore the event’s theme of ‘belonging’.



Over 2,500 people turned up to meet art lovers, watch stunning projections and 3D mapping, see live performances, and witness world class street artists doing a huge collaboration piece. And, of course, for the free beer from the sponsor Amigos Beer.

The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the garage space; David Moraton and Ithaca’s 3D mappings, the amazing street art collaboration mural and UV work, and Jim Vision’s huge canvases looked fantastic.

Best story of the weekend? Well word on the street is that a famous art dealer who deals Hirst and Banksy came in, with a bunch of friends and a German Sheppard dog, just as the event was closing.  No one realised who they were so they were told the festival was closed. However, they insisted and were such lovely people that they were let in. Hopefully it will pays off for the team!



For more information on Chrom-Art visit chrom-art.org or follow the team on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.