We love you, Kaffeine

Kaffeine, we love you.

We saw that today is International Coffee Day; we presume that it’s like your Christmas or Hanukkah or something so we thought we’d make a big deal out of it and tell you just how much we love you.

Firstly, you provide us with the best coffee with the friendliest of smiles. Whatever the occasion – whether we’ve been working all night on a pitch, nursing hangovers from the company party, or just longing for a perfectly formed latte-art fern made out of London’s finest frothy organic milk – you’ve been there for us.

Not only that – you make us feel special. We know that we can’t tie you down to just one agency; but that’s ok. You need to play the field, try other agencies out. But despite your infidelity we know you love us the most – why else would you remember pretty much all two hundred of us by name (especially the tattooed chap, he seems to know everyone).

But it’s not just the coffee. The key to any successful relationship is trust and respect. You’ve never paid with our Contactless card without asking. You always ask us how our day was and word around the office is that once someone got a free pot of jam when you were feeling in a particularly Christmassy mood.

We couldn’t ask for a better office coffee shop. We hope you like us too.


David Jenkins

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Marketing Executive working within New Business. Passionate about climbing, kayaking and Franco Manca pizza.

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