On the 26th September, myself and the rest of team WCRS donned our team t-shirts and made our way to the London South Tough Mudder course. After making a stop at George Bear’s favourite services ever (for a quick protein ball from Waitrose), we arrived at Tough Mudder. As we drove at snail speed behind the queue of traffic to the car park we could see the early starters shuffling their way along the hillside. We parked up and made our way to base camp while the sun was shining. Black was not the colour to wear that day.


We entered the warm up section where a guy in teeny shorts with bulging muscles instructed us to do a load of star jumps and hug someone you didn’t know – I can’t complain considering most of the people around me were lovely young men! After getting over our first wall we chanted the Mudder Pledge, and set off on the 12 mile assault course.

1.8 miles down and we were plunged into ice water at ‘Arctic Enema’. 2.8 miles down and we swung our way over the deep muddy water on the ‘Funky Monkey’ bars. We crawled under barbed wire, and over huge walls, and scaled the ‘Mud Mile’ where we were at least waist deep in mud. At 10.9 miles we had to crawl through a tank of tear gas which certainly cleared our senses. At the finish line we scaled Everest 2.0 and ran through ‘Electroshock Therapy’ where there were wires hanging, charged with 10,000 volts.

12 miles in total and 29 military style obstacles later, Team WCRS crossed the finishing line in 3.5 hours. We were awarded with our iconic orange headbands and a well-deserved pint of cider.