WCRS held a very special event on Monday 30th of November: the very first Wildcard Awards Ceremony at the Regent Street Cinema. At 3pm, everybody headed down to this authentic venue that celebrates moving image: spirits were high, and the excitement was palpable. These awards celebrate the very best, boldest and most innovative ideas created for our clients in 2015.

There were 13 films in all ranging from the hilarious to the poignant and four winners.

NHS Blood and Transplant ‘Missing Type’ was awarded the best prize: a trip to SXSW for the creatives Jo and Tom. But three other special prizes went to other teams.  Women’s Aid ‘Look at me’ won the ‘Above and Beyond’ award for the insane amount of effort that went into making it happen. King Vinyl won The President’s award bestowed by Robin as his favourite and the last awards went B&Q for their more than entertaining Merthyr Tydfil Singing Billboard.