An agency full of love

February can be bleak. Really bleak.

Your new health regime has failed.

That Netflix series that saw you through your January hibernation phase has finished. And anyway, you were starting to feel embarrassed every time you caught your reflection in your laptop screen as you clicked ‘continue’ into Season 10, Episode 4.

And so continues the monotony of February, as consistent and predictable as the grey sky out of your office window…

That is, until you come to work one cold February morning to meet a peach bellini and breakfast banquet, like we were last Friday.

In fact, the agency enjoyed a whole week of surprises as we were ‘woo’d’ by the WCRS Secret Valentine.

This wooing took the form of mysterious emails from the Secret Valentine, pancakes with all the trimmings, chocolates on everyone’s desks, and pastries with peach prosecco for breakfast.


Whether it’s an Account Management trip to Valencia or SXSW; inspiring talks from people in the movie/tech/design industry; …or just a load of free food on a freezing February morning, working at an agency with a strong culture around people who are happy to be here, makes those coffee-fuelled all-nighters a bit more tolerable.


Katie Briefel

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