We’re excited to announce the launch of our #SubservientGlucky Instagram campaign.

Here at WCRS we create work that people care about, but we also care about our people at work. We even sent some staff members to SXSW to reward their dedication to our way. We’d love to send the whole agency, but we can’t.

Instead we did something that allows everyone to be involved in the SXSW experience. Introducing Subservient Glucky! Alex Gluck, an amazing staff member is living the SXSW dream, but on one condition: she has to do fun challenges that the WCRS team set for her.

Daily challenges will be set for Glucky during her stay at SXSW via Instagram photos. WCRS staff, clients and friends are invited to vote for what Glucky gets up to at the festival by liking the Instagram posts. At the end of each day the likes will be counted and Glucky will complete the winning challenge.

Head over to Instagram and search Subservient Glucky to decide what she gets up to!