This March we launch a new campaign for B&Q that has creativity and home enjoyment at its heart.

The new campaign centres around the idea ‘Let’s Create’ and puts the emphasis on home improvement projects by reminding people that B&Q isn’t just a warehouse of shelves stacked high with DIY products – it’s a treasure trove full of raw materials to make any home improvement project possible.

Home improvement projects – big and small – are the way people personalise and get creative in their homes. Whilst some people have ideas and know what they want, others may struggle to articulate their ideas and to know what they need to make them happen. This is where B&Q can help; enabling and inspiring home improvers across the country to create something amazing.

The campaign, which was four months in development, launches on Facebook on the 17th March and on 18th March with the new TV ad. Created  in the style of a “mockumentary” the TV ad showcases examples of how B&Q has helped unlock creativity in its customers. These customers just happen to be animals. They include a black and white zebra, Fred, who creates his colourful first home after growing up in the black and white world of his parents.

Let’s Create is a rallying call to action to help people create feel good homes. The launch of the integrated campaign – just before the surge of home improvement across the nation at Easter, will roll out brighter, more colourful and fresher imagery and the use of an orange frame giving more impact to headlines and other details, across all channels.

Tom Dixon and Jo Griffin, Creative Team, WCRS, said “Upon receiving the brief for ‘Let’s Create’, we were faced with the challenge of portraying creativity in an interesting way, without exaggerating it to the point that the end result seemed unachievable. This led us to think more about the customers themselves, and how we might exaggerate their specific needs. A zebra that wants to break free from his black and white upbringing felt like the next step from that, naturally. From there, we came up with our three other animals. While chosen for their animal traits, we wanted each animal to come across as human and relatable in character; so that the humour would come from little observational quirks, and the total normality of them interacting in a human world despite obvious anatomical differences. Mockumentary felt like the perfect style to help elevate the comedy and realism of the ads.”


Full credits:

Client: Tasha Gladman (Customer & Marketing Director) & Laura Downey (Head of Communications)

Agency: WCRS

Creative Directors: Katy Hopkins & Steve Hawthorne

Creatives: Tom Dixon & Jo Griffin

Agency Producer: Hannah Needham

Account Handling: Louise Davidson & Lucy Nebel

Planning: Olivia Stubbings