Today sees the launch of our latest recruitment campaign for the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR).

It marks the first stage in the roll-out of the RNR’s new positioning, ‘Don’t do the everyday, every day’. The idea stems from the wealth of new opportunities and experiences that the RNR provides, which people can fit around full-time civilian jobs. The campaign aims to show potential recruits how the RNR can build on an already exciting life by offering experiences that you wouldn’t normally get, and allowing you to do things you simply wouldn’t do in your everyday life.

The 60” spot tells the story of one Reservist’s journey and what she accomplishes in the RNR. The script focuses on Wednesday as the day that opens up a world of opportunities (many of the Reserve units around the country meet on that evening). As the story develops, we see how the RNR takes our hero outside of her everyday life and allows her to gain unique experiences.

Conrad Swanston & Alex Bingham, Creative Team, WCRS said “It was during the writing process that it became apparent how the film should look and sound. If we’re stepping out of the everyday, we needed to show a range of emotions and an environment that we don’t usually experience. It needed to look dramatic and have a visceral feel to it. Using a bold grade, Max’s (Director) approach to shooting non actors and considered editing, we were able to achieve something with real energy and emotion that connects with our target audience (people that want to be challenged and pushed). The VO needed to sound poetic but also grounded and down to earth, and the music needed to feel contemporary with a disruptive and striking sound.”

Full credits:

Client: Royal Navy

Agency: WCRS

Creative Director: Jules Chalkley

Creatives: Conrad Swanston & Alex Bingham

Agency Producer: Eliot Liss, Millie Tett

Account Handling: Michael McConville, Ariel Haber

Planning: Liz Baines