Being Subservient Glucky

SXSW x Subservient Glucky…Well what can I say?

It was a rollercoaster of Subservient Glucky tasks, keynotes, interviews, panel discussions, a trade show floor and some networking.  Fortunately Austin’s motto is ‘Keep Austin Weird™’ so I was in good company.

I had five tasks to complete over the course of the conference and had no idea what to expect each day.  I would usually go to bed knowing that soon the whole of WCRS, and any other followers, would be able to choose what I was doing the following day.  That wasn’t scary, at all…hmm well maybe I am lying about that last point…

It was always quite nerve-wracking each morning to discover I would be wearing a lion onesie, or busking for $5 whilst playing a giant piano or using 2 selfie sticks at the same time.  However, Austin is one of the more accepting places and everyone loves the unexpected there – like the guy in the video below – he certainly enjoyed it!

People didn’t seem to bat many eye-lids when I strolled around in the lion onesie, or even the selfie sticks.

gluck blog

Interestingly enough, the hardest task was the crazy long fake nails…Tom Dixon and I trekked across town to find Funny Nails, an interesting establishment, which took over 90 minutes to do and left me completely unable to do anything for myself.   One text message sent to the WCRS team at SXSW read: ‘Someone will now have to be on Gluck duty until the nails go.  But my god does she look fierce.’  I couldn’t even put my own sunglasses on!

gluck nails

Brené Brown, in her keynote speech Daring Greatly, said to ‘choose courage over comfort’ which  spurred me on when incapacitated by over 2inch long nails.

So what did I learn whilst being #subservientglucky…

  1. It’s ok to look silly
  2. Dancing in the street is always acceptable, especially in Austin
  3. Long fake nails are impossible to live with
  4. Not to take myself too seriously
  5. I work with some great people

Subservient Glucky couldn’t have happened without Gavine Cumine, Michael Ashton and Emily Mules orchestrating it from WCRS whilst I got to be at SXSW.  I also need to thank Tom Dixon, Jo Griffin, Stu Williams, James Stevens and Tom Crossley for helping me do all the challenges behind the scenes at SXSW. Last, but not least, thanks to WCRS for sending me.

Michael & Gav, Creative Team, WCRS saidSubservient Glucky’s not going to win a Black Pencil. That wasn’t our aim. It was all about FUN. The craft was rough and ready, in your face and colourful. A bit like Glucky’s personality. We didn’t have a “brand tone of voice” – we had a “how Glucky would say it”. That means writing like you’re talking, and filling up on emojis. We pretty much did it all on Instagram, using it for the voting mechanic, broadcast channel, PR and customer feedback. There were images, graphics, videos, EDMs with GIFs and posters featuring Glucky’s subservient smile. Our rainbow of posts stood out in a sea of selfies, trending in the top posts for #sxsw16. Hopefully we made a few WCRSers laugh. Or at least blow some air out their nostrils a little bit more than usual.”

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