When Flavour Calls

Flavour’s calling. And it’s time for you to pick up that call.

We’re pleased to announce McCoy’s, the number one ridged crisp, is back on TV screens with our new creative spot, positioning them as a brand that’s famous for delivering on flavour.

 Our new campaign communicates McCoy’s superior flavour by showing viewers what would happen if ‘Flavour’ literally were to call. When flavour calls, when you need to taste your crisps, we mean really taste them, McCoy’s are top of the pile. They’re sharper than a samurai sword in a suit, they’ve got more sizzle than a King Prawn in a cocktail dress. We’re really excited about relaunching the McCoy’s brand under this simple proposition; that for people who want flavour in their lives, there’s only one brand for them.

Carly Williams and Tian Murphy, Creative Team, WCRS said “During creative development, we realised that when you’re craving McCoy’s, hunger doesn’t call, flavour does. Then we wondered, what if flavour did call… literally? What would a call from Flavour sound like? Why would he call you up and what would he say? We decided we wanted Flavour to become the voice of the brand, the star you never see. He is on the phone yet omnipresent. He’s passionate and vocal yet an enigma. We knew we wanted a campaign that was humourous yet dramatic, a balance of great performances, powerful music and of course, flavorsome dialogue. Daniel Kleinman, our director, brought this to life with a cinematic approach that draws the viewer in from the moment we hear Flavour’s voice.”

Full credits:

Client: McCoy’s

Agency: WCRS

Creative Director: Billy Faithfull

Creatives: Carly Williams, Tian Murphy

Agency Producer: Joseph Pawsey

Account Handling: Nick Fokes, Max Taylor, Zuki Majuqwana

Planning: Olivia Stubbings, Rory Foster

Digital Strategy:  Alex Willimot, Dea-Marie Watson