On April 1st no brand can be trusted, even our much beloved Churchie.

To celebrate April Fools’ Day 2016, we launched Churchill ÉAU Yes- the world’s first perfume with smell insurance (or did we?).

Éau Yes is a fragrance that will insure you smell good, because each bottle comes with smell insurance. What’s smell insurance? Well, when you spray Éau Yes you know you’re covered; to smell good and get compliments all day. And if you don’t receive a satisfactory number of compliments on your smell, Churchill will pay you those compliments back!

On the morning of 1st April our animated Éau Yes poster appeared on the Eat Street billboard at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, with audio paying compliments to passers-by in a husky French man’s voice. The CTA of the poster directed people to the Churchill Twitter and Facebook profiles, encouraging them to use #EauYes to ‘claim back’ their compliments.

When people ‘claimed back’ their compliments using this hashtag, they received compliments from Churchie himself, for example, ‘Does Churchill smell a beautifully well-cooked sausage, or is it you? #EauYes

churchill outdoor

Although Churchie gave Nicole Kidman, in Chanel No.5 a good run for her money, he knows you don’t need his help to smell good. The Éau Yes fragrance launch may have been an April Fools’, but Churchie’s always got you covered. Oh Yes!

Billy Faithfull, executive creative director at WCRS, adds: “April Fools’ works best when people are actually fooled. However, you’ve got to be careful, because it can be disappointing to discover that Hunter wellies for dogs don’t exist. So sometimes, something that’s just dead funny and obviously fake from the get-go is worthy of a punt.”


Full credits

Client: Churchill Insurance

Agency: WCRS

Creative Director: Orlando Warner

Creatives: Gavin Cumin, Michael Ashton

Agency Producer: Emily Mules, Nick Cruttenden

Account Handling: Emma Marsland, Carolina Gutierrez Vargas, Katie Briefel

Planning: Elisa Edmonds