Churchill Social

Churchill Slippers (Dec, 2014)

To test its strength within the ever-growing insurance-sector merchandising space, Churchill Insurance produced a pair of on-brand dog-paw slippers. They were offered as a prize for a social media-based competition and were also distributed to celebrities and charities. Churchill gained the affirmation it needed to produce a series of merchandise-based promotions in the future.

churchill slippers final 2


Churchill Umbrella (Mar, 2016)

Churchie’s back with the launch of his latest social media campaign, #ChurchillUmbrella, giving Twitter users the opportunity to win one of 500 limited edition Churchill umbrellas. Oh Yes!

The Twitter-based campaign, is the latest instalment in a series of Churchill merchandise launches, in which social media fans have the chance to get their paws on limited edition Churchill goods.

The campaign reinforces Churchill’s position as the saviour of everyday disasters – with the umbrella perfectly encapsulating, in a very visual way, the brand idea of ‘Churchill’s got you covered’ –further strengthening Churchill’s ‘Depend on the Dog’ brand message.

Churchill Mix


Éau Yes (Apr, 2016)

On April 1st no brand can be trusted, even our much beloved Churchie. To celebrate April Fools’ Day 2016, we launched Churchill ÉAU Yes- the world’s first perfume with smell insurance (or did we?).

Éau Yes is a fragrance that will insure you smell good, because each bottle comes with smell insurance. What’s smell insurance? Well, when you spray Éau Yes you know you’re covered; to smell good and get compliments all day. And if you don’t receive a satisfactory number of compliments on your smell, Churchill will pay you those compliments back!

On the morning of 1st April our animated Éau Yes poster appeared on the Eat Street billboard at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, with audio paying compliments to passers-by in a husky French man’s voice. The CTA of the poster directed people to the Churchill Twitter and Facebook profiles, encouraging them to use #EauYes to ‘claim back’ their compliments.

When people ‘claimed back’ their compliments using this hashtag, they received compliments from Churchie himself, for example, ‘Does Churchill smell a beautifully well-cooked sausage, or is it you? #EauYes’ churchill outdoor.