Here at WCRS there are plenty of people doing things that don’t involve our work that are really cool. Running is one of those things – but in this case it wasn’t cool – it was actually really hot.

It all started in the pub: the inception of an idea, an idea of a team-led running activity, that grew to include not one, not two, but eight WCRS athletes, from all corners of the agency: creative, account management, project management, account management, digital strategy, strategy, account management and account management. We brought people together to take on the Hackney Half Marathon. And boy did we take it on.

Naturally when this plan was hatched – in the thick of winter – little thought was given to the rigorous training required, nor the potential scorching heat; something which only became apparent on the day of the race. The hottest day of the year so far meant heavy going for everyone. Whilst water was abundant throughout, the last few miles resembled a war movie filmed in the Algarve; such was the frequency of runners wilting in the sunshine.

But did WCRS succumb? NO! Each and every one of them fought on, disregarding heavy legs and burning faces, and all crossed the line in a variety of times ranging from good to great.

But no one was greater than account man Lawrence “long legs” Beatt. Unphased by the ridiculous heat, he finished in an inhumane 1:32, making even superstar runner Matt Willifer slightly impressed.

But of course there are no losers – only exhausted, sunburnt winners.

Congratulations to all our runners: Lawrence, Sally, Rory, Conrad, Alex, Leila, Matt and Rich.

Thanks to all those who came out on the day to support, and we’ll see you at the next starting line!