We’re thrilled to announce that WCRS’s Body As A Band campaign for Bupa has been awarded a Health & Wellness Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions – International Festival of Creativity.

The interactive campaign launched last April with an online quiz that featured the iconic indie band The Futureheads, playing out their passion for staying healthy with a remake of their hit ‘Heartbeat Song’. The interactive experience aimed to encourage twenty-to thirty-somethings, an age group that feels bulletproof, to want to book a health assessment.

The online quiz allowed the British public to create a unique, personalised version of a 2010 Futurehead’s tune to show how their body was performing. Participants just needed to answer four health related questions – their responses would impact the band’s performance in a variety of unexpected ways, including guitars that turn into dogs and exploding amps.

The unlikely pairing of Bupa and The Futureheads followed new research which revealed most Brits were clueless about what’s actually happening inside their bodies. Bupa UK’s recent survey found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of the nation don’t know the basic functions of their kidneys, while more than two in five (44%) don’t know the basic functions of their lungs.

The campaign went down a storm, making a generation who routinely ignore their health, think about it in a whole new way.

Angelene Woodland, Director of Consumer, Bupa UK said:

“We’re exceptionally proud to have won this award. The campaign highlights our new range of health assessments, which are all about building a detailed picture of your current health, with guidance on how to move it in the right direction for the future. Working with WCRS and The Futureheads to emphasise the importance of taking stock of your health and wellbeing in a fun and innovative way has been fantastic – and it’s been great seeing the public get involved and creating their very own body as a band videos.”

You can find out how your body is performing with our Bupa campaign here: http://www.bupa.co.uk/health-information/bodyasaband.

The Engine #MissingType project was also awarded a Gold Health and Wellness Lion over the weekend and a Bronze Cyber Lion.

Debbie Klein, Chief Executive, Engine Europe and Asia, said: 

“This campaign proved that great creative work can do more than just change lives. It can save lives. We are so proud of the part we played in putting blood donations back on the public agenda. NHS Blood and Transplant needed a transformative idea after registrations had plummeted a staggering 40%. Our response was #MissingType.

“The simple creative idea of removing As, Os and Bs captured the public’s imagination and became a catalyst for tens of thousands of people registering to donate blood. Over 30,000 donor registrations in the first 10 days, resulting in over 100,000 lives being saved or improved.”

Jon Latham, Assistant Director for Donor Services and Marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant said:

“Quite simply this was one of the best campaigns NHS Blood & Transplant has ever done. Missing Type was a simple idea, brilliantly activated by a passionate, determined team at ENGINE.  It exceeded all of our previous records for media coverage and social engagement but, most importantly, for new blood donor registrations – which is the only outcome that matters. It has become a shining example among our peers around the globe on how to do a successful donor campaign in terms of impact, behaviour change and as a collaborative agency / client partnership.”

The Missing Type campaign has been the most awarded campaign in the UK of 2016 so far, including the prestigious Paul Arden Award for Innovation at Campaign Big Awards as well as being recognised at the One Show, Creative Circle and D&AD.