Businesses are now urgently assessing the impact of the referendum. Our sister agency’s team of communications experts at MHP are helping many different companies respond to the issues that they will face moving forward.

Business preparedness – scenario planning workshops:

MHP’s Political and policy experts can spend a day with business leaders, running through potential outcomes of a ‘Leave’ vote and working with them to define how their business responds. They can also support the drafting of a ‘Brexit action plan’.

What are the key EU regulations that impact on UK operations – regulatory audit:

MHP’s policy experts in Westminster and Brussels can advise on the EU directives and regulations that may be removed from UK law or significantly amended as part of the Brexit process, and the extent to which that might impact on core business operations. They can advise on engagement with the people who matter in London and Brussels to ensure that your business isn’t unduly harmed by this process.

Investor reaction – financial communications:

MHP’s financial communications experts can work with businesses to ensure that the right messages are reaching the right audiences in order to calm any fears that the market might have about a company’s viability in a post-Brexit world, and prepare them for the questions they may face from the business media, shareholders, analysts and elsewhere.

Staff morale and employee engagement – internal comms workshop:

Our employee engagement experts can work with teams to analyse the risks to staff morale, and help develop a programme of engagement designed to reassure and inform staff about the future following a vote for Brexit.

Strategic repositioning – media planning:

Finally, MHP’s media experts can work with clients to develop a suite of messaging which allows businesses to refine, qualify or reassert previous statements. We offer an excellent media training package which will prepare executives to deliver these messages seamlessly and with confidence.

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