It’s estimated that over 1 million UK drivers don’t have car insurance; a problem that can cost honest motorists dearly.

Lots of insurers talk about this, so how do you communicate the message in a compelling way that really grabs everyday drivers’ attention?

Our solution was to create the world’s first dynamic outdoor campaign targeting uninsured drivers.

The campaign highlights the number of uninsured drivers on roads across the UK, while driving home Churchill’s ‘depend on the dog’ brand messaging by reassuring people that Churchill still has you covered against a collision with an uninsured driver.

The DOOH screens, located at four uninsured driver hotspots across the UK in the city centres of Manchester, Leeds, London and Birmingham, will alert people to the number of uninsured drivers that have driven past the screen that day.

Using data from the Motor Insurance Database and innovative camera-recognition technology from Ocean Outdoor, the counter on the screens will go up in real-time, dynamically registering passing vehicles and display how many cars that have passed the precise location are likely to be uninsured.

Our Director of Technology and Innovation, Dino Burbidge says, “The campaign seems pretty simple at first glance but reliably counting cars while not accessing or storing any personal data has been a challenge. Bespoke cameras were installed by Ocean Outdoor and custom car counting algorithms have been written for each location. Together with data from the Motor Insurance Bureau, the number of uninsured drivers is calculated and displayed in real time. The result is an innovative use of roadside DOOH and a great example of the classic marketing mantra of right message, right person, and right time.”

Churchill UID Billboard Churchill UID BillboardChurchill UID Billboard

Full credits:

Client: Churchill Insurance

Agency: WCRS

Creative Director: Orlando Warner

Creatives: Jason Keet, James Hodson

Account Handling: Emma Marsland, Carolina Gutierrez-Vargas, Alex Gluck, Katie Briefel

Planning: Elisa Edmonds, Alicia Gaworska

Digital Strategy: Duncan McLauchlan and David Blackett

Technical Director: Dino Burbidge

Creative technology: Gon Fernandez

Senior Motion Designer: Nick Dinnen

Project Management: Nick Cruttenden

Media Partner: Ocean Outdoor

Head of Ocean Labs: Catherine Morgan

Hardware Integration: James Game

Media Agency: Mediacom


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