Last week saw the launch of Sky Cinema – the new home for Sky Movies in the UK & Ireland.  This new service builds on more than a quarter of a century of Sky heritage in home cinema, which started with the first Sky Movies channel in 1989.

Sky Cinema launches with our new visually dazzling TV campaign directed by award-winning director, Patrick Clair who was responsible for the title sequences of The Night Manager and True Detective.  It features quotes from some of cinema’s best films, from Forrest Gump to E.T., The Martian to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  The images have been animated by Elastic, the LA studio responsible for the Game of Thrones title sequence.

The campaign will be spearheaded by a 60” commercial which opens with the click and whirl of a cinema projector, its flickering light illuminating the swirling dust of the dark cinema chamber. As emotive music starts to play, the lit dust particles swirl to form the unmistakeable head and shoulders of E.T. who utters the famous line, “E.T. phone home”. The ad then takes in several more iconic characters delivering yet more iconic quotes, the dust shifting and rendering from one film to another, before the ad ends on the legendary voice of Harrison Ford from Star Wars: The Force Awakens saying, “Chewie, we’re home”.

The campaign further spans four 20” ads each of which showcases a different benefit of Sky Cinema and a 40” brand ad. It will also feature in cinema, digital and print channels.

Leon Jaume, Executive Creative Director at WCRS comments: “Our campaign has two aims: to reveal the qualities of Sky Cinema and to evoke the mighty emotional punch of great film making. And we made it with Patrick Clair, one speck of dust at a time. Probably took longer than Apocalypse Now.”


Client Creative Director: Barry Skolnick

Client Team: Carli Farmer, Rachael Halliday, Rachael Fielding, Michael Stoneman, Abbey McGhee

Creative Agency: WCRS

Agency Executive Creative Director: Leon Jaume

Agency Creative Director: Simon Robinson

Agency Creative team: Tom Madden, Morgan Hinds-Shorland

Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius

Agency Production Assistant: Kaiya Taffel

Agency Account Team: Torie Wilkinson, Richard Williams, Katie Gould, Tom Campbell

Strategy: James Stevens, Angharad Thomas