Two Augusts ago, a friend’s colleague asked if I could create a logo for his project: to create a community to promote emerging artists in London, and give them the chance to keep creating, and to grow as professionals. Basically, to change artists’ lives.

I became one of the 5 directors of this project, CHROM-ART, in just a few months. Soon after, we moved on from only doing posts on social media and interviews on our website blog, and prepared our first exhibition in a proper gallery with 15 artists showing their work, which took place in April 2015. We really enjoyed working on the exhibition as it was something tangible and real; people could see the artwork! So we didn’t stop there. We moved to a bigger space, with more artists and created ‘TRIBE’, an immersive multicultural festival engaging a diversity of art forms including 2D art works, sculpture, dance, graffiti, art installation, video and performance.

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#TRIBE15 was an unexpected success last year: 3 floors flooded with 2,500 visitors and 100 artists. People loved the venue, a Victorian warehouse run by Ugly Duck, but what people enjoyed the most was the fact that they were completely surrounded by art, music and a contagious good mood.

Last weekend, I’m glad to say that #TRIBE16 was an even bigger success, with 4,000 visitors meeting over 120 artists from all over the world.

We carefully crafted immersive theatre, projections and other performances, to happen every hour, providing a constant stream of exciting content. The quality of the content was also better this year, with visitors spending more all the afternoon there. It was lovely to see visitors enjoying the festival, having a nice chat sat on the wooden floor while the DJ was playing, or standing around hilariously cheeky performers, or painting with little kids in the family area, or just getting inside the dark room to experience ‘The Storm’, an audio reactive installation exploring natural thunder soundscapes and light diffusions.

Even a week after, I’m still getting cheering messages where no matter who the sender is, they all agree that, once inside, you could immediately feel the vibe. The vibe of the Tribe.

Jacinto Caetano

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Lead Designer at WCRS, co-founder of Chrom-Art, former Saudi Arabia-based ex-steward, street dancer and contemporary humanist.

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