The 24th October sees the highly anticipated return of The Walking Dead to NOW TV, giving hungry fans the answer to Season 6’s cliffhanger finale, which left 11 well-loved characters at the mercy of the malicious Negan and his barbed wire bat, Lucille.

Today NOW TV shows the nation which characters the UK most want to save in a real-time poll by asking fans to vote for their favourite character and aggregating general discussion online.

Over the course of this week-long screencast, fans can vote on Twitter and Facebook using #Save___NOW to show their support, see their votes counted live in real time, receive personalised thankyou videos from their favourite characters, and be entered into a competition to win a gory care package of The Walking Dead-themed NOW TV prizes.

The colourful live screencast is running 24/7 through Facebook Live via API and, in a worldwide media ‘first’, through a new closed-beta feature on Twitter’s Periscope platform, which features illustrations of all 11 characters, animated GIFs, quotes and fan-focused Easter eggs from the last six seasons.

At the end of the campaign, everyone who engages and shares on Twitter will be in the draw to win a limited edition NOW TV x The Walking Dead care package.

NOW TV Walking Dead