To promote Billions, NOW TV’s blockbuster TV series, we created a social media campaign and competition spearheaded by an online game featuring a fake stock market trade. With just 15 seconds to play and the market price changing rapidly, players had to think and react quickly in order to succeed.

Players who managed to make over $1 billion were entered into a prize draw to win a trip to New York . Those who didn’t quite hit the $1 billion mark were entered into a prize draw to win a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass.

The campaign ran for two weeks on NOW TV’s Twitter and Facebook channels and was promoted with a variety of images and GIFs.

To support the launch of Season 6 of Game of Thrones on NOW TV, we wanted to create an experience that not only told people about the show but gave a taste of the harsh life in Westeros. We created a campaign that rewarded anyone that used #GoTFate on Twitter with a personalised video that included their profile picture to show their grizzly end.

We know that fans of Game of Thrones can be as harsh as the dragons that inhabit the world. With this in mind we carefully selected fates that were respectful to the show but in a style designed to make you grin rather than wince. There was even the added bonus of a competition that gave fans the opportunity to win the ultimate Game of Thrones experience.

The #GoTFate campaign was designed to tell people that NOW TV would soon be showing Game of Thrones Season 6 by adding a fun and rewarding element to the extensive conversation that the show generates. Through these short personalised videos we captured both the personality of NOW TV and fed fans’ anticipation by giving them a taste of what they love about Game of Thrones.

The highly anticipated return of The Walking Dead to NOW TV, gave hungry fans the answer to Season 6’s cliffhanger finale, which left 11 well-loved characters at the mercy of the malicious Negan and his barbed wire bat, Lucille.

We created a real-time poll to ask fans to vote for their favourite character and aggregating general discussion online.

Over the course of the week-long screencast, fans could vote on Twitter and Facebook using #Save___NOW to show their support, see their votes counted live in real time, receive personalised thank you videos from their favourite characters, and be entered into a competition to win a gory care package of The Walking Dead-themed NOW TV prizes.

The colourful live screencast ran 24/7 through Facebook Live via API and, in a worldwide media ‘first’, through a new closed-beta feature on Twitter’s Periscope platform, which featured illustrations of all 11 characters, animated GIFs, quotes and fan-focused Easter eggs from the last six seasons.

At the end of the campaign, everyone who engaged and shared on Twitter was entered into a draw to win a limited edition NOW TV x The Walking Dead care package.

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